24 Hours at Boston College

Twenty-four diptychs created in a single twenty-four hour period that aimed to capture the visual truth of life at Boston College.

At Boston College, there is a carefully-crafted and polished vision of campus and culture. The photographic record is that of beautiful buildings, healthy, happy, and high-achieving students, and overwhelming amounts of school pride, manifested particularly in athletics. This visual narrative of life at Boston College is promoted by the way it is depicted in publications and social media and it creates the ideal of a singular campus culture that can feel stifling and oppressive with little room for the individual.

This project aimed to break the visual conventions of how Boston College is documented during a typical football game-day to get a more comprehensive view of what it is like to be a student here in all moments, both the extraordinary and the mundane. Strategies to accomplish this goal were the focus on individual students, the inclusion of atypical scenes and subjects, and a document of less marketable aspects of campus culture, such as the drinking culture and excessive waste that characterize the game-day experience.