FEB 18 // Series of images shot for BC Athletics. Womens Basketball’s annual Play4Kay game against Pittsburg at Conte Forum. The Eagles fought to 72-61 victory over Pittsburg, breaking a month long loosing streak.

JAN 18 // Men’s Hockey Beanpot Semifinal Boston College vs. Northeastern for The Heights. BC fell 3-0 to Northeastern. 

JAN 18 // NIGHT WANDERING // The last one awake or the first one awake is a special state where I feel the most alive. There is something beautiful about being completely present in a universe where it seems like you are the only person on the earth. The world is quiet and luminous and the passage of time seems to slow because the incessant hum of life is put on pause. This is a series of photos that attempt to capture the emotional experience of wandering for the sake of wandering.