The (Bat) Boys of Summer

They’re not like most kids.

If the coaching staff is the mastermind behind a good baseball team, the bat boys are undeniably the heart. They’re always ready for a high five after a home run. They’re the first responders after a strikeout. They’re the loudest voices of celebration in victory.

The bat boys of the Chatham Anglers kept the spirit of the team alive throughout the extraordinarily long season of blistering days and foggy nights, of shocking wins and crushing losses, that took the A’s to the CCBL Final in August. By keeping the clockwork of baseball spinning through the necessary bats, balls, and bottles of water shuttled from the sidelines to home plate, the bat boys were truly the unsung heroes of summer ball, going above and beyond the call of the usual kid at a ball park to preserve the sanctity of the game, even in the dog days of summer.